ISTE Press Elsevier Health Data Processing

Health Data Processing: Systemic Approaches focuses on the design of health information systems and touches on main themes of medical informatics public health. The book is written professionals in practice or training,


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Wiley ISTE Responsive Ethics and Participation: Science, Technology Democracy

Taking stock of the overall confused picture that research and innovation (R & I) literature practices offer with regard to citizen stakeholder participation, this book provides a methodical conceptual an empirical analysis to determine


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ISTE Press Elsevier Big Data and Ethics

Faced with the exponential development of Big Data and both its legal economic repercussions, we are still slightly in dark concerning use of digital information. In perpetual balance between confidentiality transparency, this


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ISTE Press Elsevier Psychotropic Drugs, Prevention and Harm Reduction

This book promotes the interaction between research and professional practices in field of prevention harm reduction. Through scientific work experience of human social sciences researchers medical actors, a


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ISTE Press Elsevier New Health Systems

New health systems exist today thanks to the changing nature of diseases as a result of integration of new technologies and approaches in care giving management of healthcare systems. This book studies inequalities in th


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ISTE Press Elsevier Dynemicin A, Uncialamycin and Analogues

Enediynes are natural products with highly active cytotoxicity and antibacterial activity, thus have significant potential in the development of cancer treatments. However, they not readily available degrade rapidly during is


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ISTE Press Elsevier Connected Objects in Health

Connected objects today present a range of opportunities in medicine. We live in a new digital era where the monitoring and analysis of one's own health information no longer belongs solely to realm of science fiction. The success of th


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ISTE Press Elsevier Engineering Investment Process

Engineering Investment Process: Making Value Creation Repeatable explores the quantitative steps of a financial investment process. The authors study how these are articulated in order to make any value creation, whatever asset


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ISTE Press Elsevier Biodiversity and Health

There is a gap between the ecology of health and concepts supported by international initiatives such as EcoHealth, One or Planetary Health; a which this book aims to fill. Global change is accelerated by problems of growing


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ISTE Press Elsevier Resilience Imperative


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